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Business Anaysis and Marketing Consulting

Business Analysis - AMSI Methodology
We offer a service to help those business people who have worked hard, made good business decisions, and are making good money, but you want more from their business. We can help businesses to create a Credit Binder that includes all the necessary Due Diligence features required by the Banks and Investors worldwide. You need several reports, strategy plans, corporate governance documents, and a nice tidy package to present to make you ready to go, we can help with that. Read more about the AMSI Methodology here...

For a free copy of our Responsibility Matrix, click here.

Several of our latest marketing services have involved mail registry and customized HTML emailers. These services work in conjunction with a company's existing marketing strategy and can be segmented and recorded to analyze the results at each step. In addition to our digital design services, TTC also helps our clients design traditional offline marketing and corporate identity materials. From letterhead to print advertisements to presentations, our team of designers is experienced throughout the broad range of professional design.

Many of our customers and partners have the same basic challenges and needs in their everyday business. We have automated several key business processes particularly to help with business development, project management, improved cash flow, and asset utilization.

Business Development
We recommend that companies consider a system that exists as a “front end” system in the company’s business process. This system helps the business development team create proposals and quotations. The system starts simply with a system of shared forms that are based on company spreadsheets to qualify the lead, qualify the requirement, create the proposal and quote, and ultimately hand off to an online project management system.

Project Management
After the sales team secures the contract and finalizes the projects as they come into the company, there are often challenges to keep the project on budget, on schedule, and deliver to the expected performance level. Our systems help you to keep projects on track.

Improved Cash Flow
As your company grows, so does the need to manage cash. We propose implementing a system that will cut down the number of steps to invoicing and collecting the financial information and automating the invoice creation and approval cycle. Bottom line improvement is faster invoicing cycles, faster approval cycles, less work to input the data, and more accurate invoices. This system shortens the time between incurred project cost and receiving project payment.

Currently, most company processes arelargely dependant on paper processing. The submission of an invoice can only be done if directly handled by one person to the next either via mail, fax, or in person. An online system would handle a form (Fuel Invoices, bills for materials, Time Sheets, etc.) that is filled out in the field or on the job and send the form directly over the Internet so the information is added immediately, once, and with a high degree of accuracy and accountability.

This all helps the personnel make better decisions by helping the decision makers to focus on what makes the company money and by reducing time spent on clerical and administrative matters

Asset Utilization
The “Killer App” is online corporate systems that will make a corporation do more with talented people. Time invested in translating the business process to an automated process is well worth it if the resulting company is created with less overhead personnel.

In addition to the people aspect of Asset Utilization many opportunities exist to optimize assets and help Management to think of assets like cash and to drive decisions and ultimate profitability. The “Rent, Lease, or Own” decision system would help the user make the optimum financial decision. This could be as simply as deciding whether to rent a piece of equipment for a day, week, or month and as complicated as assisting with the decision to buy a piece of equipment, lease the equipment, or rent the equipment. The ultimate goal would be to reduce the amount of cash tied up in the asset and maximize the amount of cash attributed to the activity. The system would be available to all Management personnel to help each Manager to optimize his or her operation.

For mechanical optimization we propose to start simply and begin to gather data at points that are currently being collected using the traditional paper method such as mileage, fuel usage, maintenance records, and any input that will optimize the life and performance of the asset. This will result in information being highly available for critical warrantee and seller support to produce online reminders (emails and system reminders) and reports. Having this information highly available tells the company how long an asset is expected to perform at peak condition, when an asset begins to cost the company in lost revenue, credibility, and ability to perform.

Stage two automation would include interfacing directly to the asset and downloading performance data directly to the corporate database. This would give further data about the asset with a high degree of detail to make specific maintenance decisions such as replacing specific bearings and gears based on usage numbers and recommended practices.

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