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AMSI Methodology - (Auditing, Modeling, Strategizing, and Implementing)

The Methodology
The closer you are to having a business that is based on hard work, sound business decisions, with a positive cash flow, and you don’t have much debt, and you have good customer demand the closer you are to taking that next crucial step to becoming a "Great" company. These are the companies that we are looking for to quickly find the capital you need to make the jump.

As long as you can stand up to the scrutiny of what the banks call, “Due Diligence” you can take the next step and that is where we come in as we will create a “Credit Binder” or all the common things that a Bank, Lender, or Investor wants to know about your company, about you, and about your Team. The more open you are the faster the process goes. The faster you respond to the Due Diligence requests the faster you will get your money. Our processes uses our SECURE and online file sharing system (MyCompany Toolbox) that you can invite the Bank and their Underwriters to have access to PDF versions of the documentation. The online site should be in addition to the hard copy Credit Binder that you will provide to the Due Diligence Team. For a presentation of the methodology, click here.



Audit your company relentlessly. Dig into all the processes, policies, and procedures and determine if they can be improved, removed, or new ones added. This is usually a two to five day process that results in a foundation report to create your Model.


The next step is to model your path to success and keep it updated monthly, weekly, or even daily. We will create a proven spreadsheet that spans each month of your projected path to success for the next five years with the desired amount of new capital you intend to raise.


Your next step is to build a Strategy Plan to succeed. These plans include Business Plans and Marketing Plans and they are based on your five year Model. The strategy is a "hand on your heart" plan that is believable to you and your colleagues, AND to the bank or investor. This is simple now that you have a solid Audit and Model to guide you.

Money Raising

This is the fun part, you are now ready to go to the Bank or your Investors and confidently ask for the money you need to take your plan to the next step. We can help you with developing prospect lists of financial sources, arrange meetings with credit facilities and supply credit binders to bankers, joint venture partners, and investors. In conjunction with you we can help to negotiate the best offer available and manage the draws, disbursement of credit lines, and bank reporting.


The last step is to implement the strategic plans by first getting the right people on the bus, ( read Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great), getting the capital equipment and processes in place, and providing the management necessary to control the growth and structure of the business. Enjoy the use of one of our favorite tools called the Responsibility Matrix, click here

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