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Newsletter Management Tool


This system was created for one of our clients. The system works smoothly, it looks good, it is easy to explain, and it can generate revenue for anyone with a constant stream of information on a given topic. The system not only features a dynamic newsfeed, but also links to dynamic content from other websites, automatically creates an email newsletter on a periodic basis.


We created two versions of Newsletters one for the Web and another version that sends a periodic newsletter via email. We created a Newsletter for one of our clients that updates itself on a weekly basis and periodically sends out a fresh email newsletter, all automatically.

Administration System

Both the Newsletter system and the Newsfeed system have a full featured administration area that enable the site owner to edit news articles and the newsletter, edit subscribers, send newsletters, and test the system to ensure it is working properly.

Seeing is Believing

To see the system in use, please have a look at the website, www.pipewire.net.

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