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Clients and Their Websites


  PRCI has been conducting R&D for energy pipeline companies for over 50 years. By joining their common interests in technology development and application, PRCI members are able to focus considerable expertise and experience on significant technology needs common to all participants
Catalyst Realtime Corporation
  Catalyst Realtime Corporation is longtime partner in various projects such as development of real-time systems, Flash, Flex, and Cold Fusion systems. Catalyst is also a development partner on our MyCompany Toolbox system.
  The Pipeline Industries Guild's membership includes those with interests in pipelines worldwide, transporting hydrocarbon products, chemicals, water, wastewater, and many other substances, both on- and offshore.
  Scientific Surveys, Ltd is a portal for pipeline professionals worldwide. From pipeline conferences to research papers, ScientificSurveys.com is the premier online resource.
Unique West Flooring
  Unique West Flooring Ltd. is a Calgary based flooring company that specializes in hardwood, laminate, and cork installations. Have a look at their website to see some of their beautiful workmanship!
  PipeWire is home to the latest pipeline specific news and articles and is updated daily.
  Southern Natural Gas is an energy pipeline system with service to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. We provide a Teamwork Toolbox for one of the joint projects between SONAT and Atlanta Gas Light called the "Triangle Pipeline".
  TechCorr is a full service integrity engineering and field services company providing highly experienced project management capabilities, above ground survey crews and a full line of non-destructive testing services. Read our case study on TechCorr, click here.
  Sealweld Corporation was created in 1969 in response to industry demand for superior synthetic valve sealant compounds. Since then Sealweld has grown to a multi-national company and uses the MyCompany Toolbox to manage the world-wide operations.
  ViaData LP is a software publishing firm, specializing in providing useful data in a friendly format. Viadata focuses on Pipeline Safety and Energy Production, making complex regulations and interpretations easy to use and understand.
  VGT Technologies Inc. was established to develop and commercialize an exciting and truly revolutionary new engine concept called the Variable Geometry Toroidal (VGT) Engine.
  FOX-TEK makes and provides rugged systems supporting efficient, safe operations of critical assets and infrastructure. Our systems measure strain, temperature, pressure, or loading. Software produces on-demand information such as wall thinning, time-to-maintenance, ground movement, stress corrosion crack growth, or structural integrity verification.
  Pipeconferences.com is a portal for conferences and meetings conducted by Scientific Surveys, Ltd. This is a fully automated site that uses our Events Toolbox to run the site. You can sign up for conferences, courses, and purchase tuition and materials online.
  Pipedata.net is home to the technical papers published in Pipes & Pipelines International and elsewhere, conference registration information, and more!
  Pipemag.com is the official website for PIPELINE WORLD magazine. This important journal is the new international bi-monthly technical journal for Europe formed by the merger of the current journal with that title and the renowned international pipeline technology journal Pipes & Pipelines International.
  IST leases and rents advanced state-of-the-art pipeline integrity related equipment along with providing training to develop qualified, manufacturer certified personnel to operate the equipment if required. IST also serves as the technology commercialization “enabler” for PRCI, its members and the energy pipeline industry. IST supports PRCI's efforts by offering access to funded technologies while at the same time maintaining the necessary quality controls on the qualifications of operators and technicians utilizing the technology.
  WorldPipe.com provides detailed reports on over 4000 Pipelines from around the world. The reports are generated dynamically as you request the input parameters, so you are guaranteed the most up to date information possible, as we continue to add more entries each week.
  Pipedir is a unique and free internet-based reference source to companies and organizations in the oil, gas, water, wastewater, and associated pipeline industries worldwide. Search Pipedir's directory to find out who manufactures the products you want, or the services you require.
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